2019 Edition

About us

The department “Cinema, Advertising and Show Business” of New Bulgarian University is established in 1994. It gives the opportunity of studying in bachelor, master and PhD programmes in fields such as cinema and television, animation, graphic design, advertising and photography. The average number of students who are studying in the department’s programs is about 1 500. Apart from Bulgarian students, these programmes are chosen by dozens of young people from the Balkans, Europe and the Middle East. The department has established an annual exchange of lecturers and students with several universities in Europe within the Erasmus programme. The film programmes of the department are Dramaturgy, Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Film Production and Film Design.

The alumni who have graduated from their film education are building the elite of the Bulgarian film community and have won hundreds of awards from Bulgarian and international film festivals.

Jury, Programme, Schedules and more coming soon!

International Student Film Festival “NEW WAVE”
res. quarter Ovcha Kupel, 21, Montevideo Street
New Bulgarian University, building 1, room 404
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria