New ideas, new trends, new horizons, new meetings and new inspiring movies. The main goal of New Bulgarian University and the department “Cinema, Advertising and Show Business”, in particular, is to establish an event which will combine all these things by selecting and uniting the best of   the students’   creations in cinematography. This is the reason for the initiation of the International Student Film Festival “NEW WAVE”.

We believe in up – and – coming talents and we are sure that their passion, enthusiasm, sharp minds and desire for a better future have the power to create “the new wave” which will fascinate the world. The participants in the festival are only from the Balkan Peninsula and the Black sea region because we believe that it is important for the people living in the Balkans to gain self-confidence in creating something significant, worth seeing and appreciated.

It is well known that the cinema is a passion which easily captures the mind. That is why the International Student Film Festival “New Wave” will be the place, where without prejudice, young creators, film fans and experienced filmmakers from different countries can come together. Every edition will give us the opportunity to come into contact with new people and give birth to new projects. We are enthusiastic to encourage and support the new generation, to give the talented a chance by promoting their work and introducing them to the audience.