1.     Organizer

International Student Film Festival “NEW WAVE”, summarized hereinafter briefly as the Festival, is organized by New Bulgarian University, department “Cinema, Advertising and Show Business”, keeping the tradition of NBU Student Film Festival.

2.     Objectives of The Festival

The specific aim of ISFF “NEW WAVE” lies in promoting and aiding the development of short films, as well as supporting and encouraging young filmmakers during their education and afterwards. The Festival will give students the opportunity to come into contact and implement future joint projects. It will also motivate them to start shooting their own movies, meeting the highest quality standards. Maintaining lasting partnerships between film schools and other festivals is also one of the goals of The Festival.

3.     Dates and location of the Festival

The fifth edition of the ISFF “NEW WAVE” will be held from 25th to 28th April 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

4.     Programmes of The Festival

Official Competition Programme

– In the Official Competition Programme  of The Festival the right to participate have short fiction, animated and documentary films from film schools in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and the Black Sea region (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia).

– The films should be directed by students in a regular form of education from the first to the last semester, regardless of their degree. The participation of students in the rest of the team or the cast is not a sufficient condition for selection.

– The films should not exceed 30 minutes in length, including credits, and should be produced after 01.01.2016.

5.     Jury and Selection Committee

The Selection Committee of ISFF “NEW WAVE” consists of three members. They could be film professionals from all areas of the film industry.

The Jury of ISFF “NEW WAVE” consists of five members. They could be film professionals from all areas of the film industry.

The Selection committee is not obligated to motivate its decisions when refusing to approve a film for participation.

The Jury votes by secret ballot motivating its every decision for granting an award for a certain film.

6.      Official Selection and Screening

The Festival has no entry fee.

Each film which has fully completed set of documents for participation will be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

Films, propagandizing pornography, racial, ethnical and/or religious, gender or sexual discrimination or violence will be ignored.

The films must have burned-in subtitles in English, if the language of the dialogue is different from English.

Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme during the event.

If a film is selected a screening copy must be sent in HD file in format MPEG4/codec H264 using online platforms with option for downloading such as Vimeo.com, WeTransfer.com, Tranz.it, etc. The copies of the films will not be returned to the sender. They will be kept in the Festival’s archive and can be used for non-commercial and educational purposes only.

The Festival does not pay fees to the authors for film screenings.

The films cannot be shown more than three times during the Festival.

The films must have a clear copyright. The Festival is not liable for claims of a third party to infringe a copyright or related right.

The Festival reserves the right to broadcast excerpts within 3 minutes of each film to promote the Festival, but not more than 10% of the length of the film.

The Festival is not responsible for lost or damaged copies on dispatch.

All films in HD files must have the specified name of the film and director (TITLE_NAME_SURNAME). Each film must be sent with a separate entry form.

Once a film is selected to participate, the author must provide:

– Trailer of the film with an option for downloading in HD file in format MPEG4/ codec H264

– 3 Stills from the film – JPG minimum 1920×1080 (300dpi) max 2mb

– Poster of the film – JPG minimum 3000×2000 (300dpi) max 2mb

Deadlines for film submissions: 

Regular – 31.01.2018


International Student Film Festival “NEW WAVE”

Res. quarter Ovcha Kupel,

21, Montevideo Street

New Bulgarian University, building 1, room 404

1618 Sofia



е-mail: info@newwavefilmfest.com

7.     Awards

1) Grand Prix – a statuette, a diploma

2) Best Foreign Fiction Film – a statuette, a diploma

3) Best Bulgarian Fiction Film – a statuette, a diploma

4) Best Documentary Film – a statuette, a diploma

5) Best Animated Film – a statuette, a diploma

6) Audience Award – a plaque, a diploma

7) Award “Honoris Causa” – given to a film professional

8) Award for Best Directing – a plaque, a diploma

9) Award for Best Screenplay – a plaque, a diploma

10) Award for Best Cinematography – a plaque, a diploma

All film awards will be given to the producer, director or their official representative.

All awards for professions will be given to the person himself/herself or his/her official representative.

The awards cannot be remised or replaced with their financial or other equivalent.

In case there is no representative to receive an award on the official ceremony it will be sentafter the end of The Festival.

8.      Accreditation

Festival will invite one or two representatives of each movie.

The accreditation form of the film representatives will be sent back to their e-mails.

The accreditations of the festival guests, representing films, are free of charge and include 4 or less nights spent in an accommodation facility, access to all screenings, workshops, seminars and other festival events. Travel expenses are paid by the guests.

Media accreditations are free of charge and include access to all screenings, workshops, seminars and other festival events.

The accreditations for film professionals are free of charge and include access to all screenings and festival events (except workshops and seminars to which they will have access in case there are any vacant seats).

The access for audience is free.

9.     Additional provisions

The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any film or author violating the Rules and Regulations of The Festival.

If a film is in the Official Selection or has received an award from the Festival its authors are obligated to put the special sign of the Festival when promoting the film. The special sign of the Festival will be sent to the given e-mail of the submitter.

By submittimg the entry form the filmmakers agree with the Rules and Regulations of The Festival.