Borislav Kolev is a distinguished film critic, art journalist and a director.He was born in 1965. Graduted from “NATFA” with a degree of “Cinema studies”, specialiazing in “Directing for film and television”. Author of an interview book “Bitter wine” (1998, published by “Atlantis- GK”). His career as a critic starts in “Kultura (Culture)”, a Bulgarian newspaper, where he first writes for the rubric “At first sight” from 1992 to 1999, and then, in 2008, he writes for the sports column.

Borislav Kolev has a lot of experience in televeision. He writes documentaries and TV shows. He says his biggest love is football, and when he was little he dreamed of being a professional player. It is not a surprise that Kolev makes his debut as a director with the documentary “Stoichkov”. The movie’s purpose is to show us not only Stoichkov’s phenomenal career, but also his vivid personality. The reel allows us to enter his intimate world and to answer two questions – what is the price of professional growing and are the sacrifices you make along the way worth it.

In July 2012 the premiere of the film in the culture center in the embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in London gathered thousands of people and Stoichkov himself. On the 23rd of May 2012 “Stoichkov” takes part in the elite Cannes International Film Festival and received excellent reviews and serious offers for world distribution.

In December 2013 the 31st edition of the Festival of Sports Cinema in Milan takes place. Borislav Kolev’s “Stoichkov” won the prize for a football film competing with movies from Italy, Germany and Brazil. “Stoichkov” is the most watched Bulgarian documentary for the past 30 years and is circulating the world’s screens with a great success.


JURY - Evgeny Mihaylov_badge

Evgeniy Mihaylov is a Bulgarian director born in Sofia, 1954. He’s a member of the Bulgarian film directors Association . He studies film directing in  “VITIZ” “Krastyo Sarafov” in 1975, and specializes in VGIK in Moscow in 1980. He works as a director in SIF “Boyana” until 1991. The next year he becomes art director of Air 2. He is a representative in the 37th National Assembly and Vice President of the Radio and Television Commission. Until 2006 he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and executive director of “Boyana Film”. As a representative of “Boyana Film” he becomes a producer and co-producer of over 40 Bulgarian and foreign motion pictures. In 2007 he becomes the manager of the producer company “Cinema center Sofia”.

In 1981, Mihaylov directs “Home for tender souls” and receives the debut prize “South Spring”. The reel is selected in the festival in Manheim, Paris, London, Tokyo and San Francisco. In 1996 his motion picture “Death can wait” is bought and distributed in Italy. His film “The Canary Season” is very successful and is the Bulgarian candidate for the Academy Awards for foreign films in 1993. “The Canary Season” has six nominations for the awards of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers and was presented at the “Kennedy Center” in Washington and “Lincoln Center” in New York. The film is selected to participate in many international film festivals and is bought and distributed in the USA.

Evgeniy Mihaylov has also directed a couple of documentaries among which are “The Eternal Engine”, “The Race” and “Cards down”.


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Professor doctor Ingeborg Bratoeva- Darakchieva is a researcher in “Screen Arts” sector in the institute for arts research in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She’s a member of the International federation of film critics FIPRESCI.  She is a lector of theory and history of cinema and film criticism in Sofia University.  She also heads the course “History of the Balkan Cinema” in “NATFA Krastyo Sarafov”. Member of the International Federation of film critics FIPRESCI.

Professor Ingeborg Bratoeva is author of the book “Bulgarian motion pictures from “Kalin the Eagle” to “Mission London”. She reviews the history of motion pictures in Bulgaria since the end of World War II until now. The content follows the development of film art through six decades and the ways in which the Bulgarian cinema interprets the problems of personal and national identity depending on the changes of society.

She also writes many articles focusing on the problems of contemporary film culture. She’s the author of the collected articles “European cinema – global and local”. The twenty-eight selected texts take a close look at the changes that occur in the European film culture under the influence of globalization.


JURY - Karin Yanakieva_badge

Karin Yanakieva is a Bulgarian film critic. In 1981 she majored in “Film Studies” in “VITIZ Krastyo Sarafov”. She has worked as a continuity editor in SIF “Boyana” and editor in “Bulgarian Films” magazine. At the moment she’s an expert in “Distribution of Cinema” department  in the Executive Agency “National Film Center”. She has over 300 hundred published film reviews.

She was a member of the jury if FIPRESI at the International Short Film Festival in Krakow, held in 1998. She has given prizes at the International Festival of Comedy Film in Gabrovo – 2011.


JURY - Stefka Yanorova_badge

Stefka Yanorova is a Bulgarian actress born in 1969, Stara Zagora. In 1993 she graduated in “VITIZ Krastyo Sarafov” specializing in Acting, class of professor Krikor Azaryan, who’s name guarantees quality.

Stefka Yanorova begins her acting career on the Sliven theatre’s stage. In 1996 she goes freelance, ending that period in 2005 when she joins the theatre troupe in DT “Ivan Radoev” in the city of Pleven.  She spent three years with the DST “Aleko Konstnatinov”, and since 2009 she is a part of the theater troupe “Bulgarian army”. She has 20 years of experience on stage. She has worked with renowned directors Krikor Azaryan, Grisha Ostrovski, Galin Stoev, Assen Shopov and others. She has acted in plays among which are “The peaches’ thief” “Uncle Vanyo”, “The last passionate lover”, “Scissors killer”, „Тhe Iron lantern”, “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf”, “The Decameron”, “Wag the dog”, “Bandit opera” and many others.  The actress shares that her favorite theatrical role is the one of Bianca Minola in “The Taming of the Shrew”, which unfortunately is no longer on stage. Stefka admits that her temperament is similar to the one of Bianca.

In recent years Stefka Yanorova has become increasingly popular with her role of the charming hairdresser Vanya Stavreva in the hit TV show in Bulgaria “Glass House”. Before that she has portrayed many lead roles in motion picture cinema, TV series and films. She has starred in French, Italian and American film productions. In Bulgaria, we can easily recall her role in one of the first Bulgarian TV series “Danube Bridge”. We have seen her in films such as “Mission London”, “Lyudmil and Ruslana”, “The Sparrows during October”, “The Devil’s Tail”, “The Most Important Things”, “Mrs. Dinosaur”.

Stefka Yanorova says that she loves war dramas and jokingly says that she dreams of one day portraying a general.