Cinema, Advertising and Show Business Department is established in 1994.
The department is a community of the teachers in the spheres of Dramaturgy, Directing, Camerawork, Fine Arts, Design, Animation, Digital Imaging Devices, Photography, Advertising, as well as other professionals, related to the creative process of realization and analysis of the film and other visual arts and their application in advertising. The department organizes cinema festivals and exhibitions, where it presents the work of its teachers and students.
The created within the university audiovisual works of art are periodically exhibited at internal, national and international forums. The results of the public activities of the department are wide-spread within the professional, academic and cultural circles. A number of publications in the central press evidence the warm welcoming of the films, exhibitions and works, created within the department.
The department has developed the currently used programs: Bachelor Program “Visual Arts”, modules: “Cinema and television”, “Animation cinema”, “Advertising”, “Photography”, “Graphic design”, Master Programs “Film and Television Art”, “Animation Directing”, “Graphic and Spatial Design”; “Cinema Dramaturgy”, Doctoral Program “Graphic design”.