Prof. Boyan Biolchev – head of the jury

Prof BOYAN BIOLCHEV_BADJ Prof. Boyan Biolchev is Bulgarian philologist, writer and screenwriter, Rector of Sofia University in the period (1999-2007).

 Vyara Ankova – jury member

VYARA ANKOVA_BADJ Vyara Ankova is a Bulgarian TV journalist and current CEO and chairman of the board of the Bulgarian National Television.

Stefan Komandarev – jury member

STEFAN KOMANDAREV_BADJ Stefan Komandarev is a Bulgarian director, producer and screenwriter. In 1998 he graduated in Film and TV Directing at NBU.

Asen Blatechki – jury member

ASEN BLATECHKI_BADJ Asen Blatechki is a Bulgarian actor. In 1996 he graduated from the NATFA “Krastio Sarafov” in the class of prof. Stefan Danailov.

Vesela Dantcheva – jury member

VESELA DANTCHEVA_BADJ Vesela Dancheva is a Bulgarian director and producer of animated films, one of the founders of Compote Collective.


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