Magarditch Halvadjian – head of the jury

Acad. Magarditch Halvadjian was born on 18.02.1967 in Pleven, Bulgaria. He is a film director since 1992. He graduated from New Bulgarian University with bachelor degree of directing. He was a lecturer in “Directing and producing in TV and show business” again in NBU. In 2002 he has established the production companies “Global films” and “Global vision” which later became part of “Global group”. In 2012 he established “Open frames” which focuses especially on film production.

Ivan Bogdanov

Ivan Bogdanov was born in 1973. In 2001 he got a BFA in Media and Animation from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art and Design, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2004 he founded the production company FinFilm, where he worked as freelance illustrator, animator, director and producer, and in 2008 together with Vessela Dantcheva he founded another film production company, Compote Collective, where he is working as director, art director, animator and illustrator.

Valeri Milev

Valeri Milev was born on 03.11.1974 in Sofia. He graduates from New Bulgarian university in 1999 with “Cinema and TV directing”. His professional carrier begins with directing of music videos and TV commercials. In 2009 he made his cinema debut with the American horror “Rekill”. His last movie is the sixth sequel of the horror franchise “Wrong turn” – 2014.

Martin Chichov

Martin Chichov was born on 17.04.1971 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1999 he is graduated “Commercial and Art Photography” in NATFA “Krastio Sarafov”. After that he completes Master of “Art of Film and TV Cinematography” at New Bulgarian University. After 2001 he begins to shoot music videos and TV commercials. In 2009 he is debuting as a Director of Photography (DOP) in Feature filmmaking and since then he has been shot more than 15 foreign and Bulgarian movies.

Stanislav Donchev

Stanislav Donchev has graduated a master degree in Film and TV directing at New Bulgarian University. With his student film “Wanted” he won several awards, including “Golden rose” He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers, Union of film and TV directors. He is writer, producer and director of the feature films “Rapid response corps”, the sequel “Rapid response corps 2: Nuclear Threat” and the TV novella “Journey to the sea”.